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Couple of The Year (COY)Mascot Rules

The District COY is announced at the Kentucky Blast. The District COY will create the new mascot. From here forward, the Couple of the Year Mascot will presented at the District Operations meeting in the month of January. It will be the responsibility of the District COY to explain the rules to the initial holder of the Mascot. They will name the Mascot and present all and any items that shall be a part of the mascot and the mascot's attire.
The mascot must be small enough to be transportable, be in good taste and sufficient to promote a positive social image for our organization and the division of Membership Enhancement and Couple of The Year.
GOAL: It is the goal for the mascot to promote visitation between Couples and Chapters, and to honor each COY in the District of Kentucky.
COMPETITION: Couples or at least (1) person from a COY will compete for the mascot by traveling to District and Chapter events of the holding COY's choice. It would be a preference by the MEPC that the COY offer the mascot at their next chapter gathering/event or another Chapter/District event within 30 days of their acquisition of the mascot. The more the mascot is available, the more opportunities there are for each COY to acquire the mascot. Each COY should be willing to complete this task. If for some reason (1) person from the COY can't complete this task, then it will be the responsibility of that COY's Chapter Staff to select someone to represent them and make the mascot available for capture within 30 days.
POINTS: Each COY that travels to capture the mascot will receive (1) point. The winning COY will receive an additional point for a total of (2) points. There will be a drawing for the mascot at the conclusion of the corresponding District/Chapter Event.
At the Kentucky Blast each couple will receive 1 ticket for each point accumulated.  A drawing will be held and the mascot will be awarded to the couple whose ticket is drawn from all of the tickets.  The mascot is theirs to keep.
REPORTING: Each COY who acquires the mascot will email, text or call with the information to 
Lisa or Allen Merritt (Lisa: 270-647-0624  Allen: 270-647-0205) within 48 hours of their winning of the mascot. The information should include the names of other Couples of the Year that were present to compete for the mascot as well as where and when the mascot will be available.  The winning couple also needs to contact the District Webmaster and let them know when and where the mascot will be available so the website can be updated.